Aarhus Cholitz

An able rogue that left Waterdeep in a hurry


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Race: calishite
From: Waterdeep
Hired: Waterdeep
Speaks: Chondathan, Alzhedo
Class: Rogue
Skill Set: Bosun, Craft Carpenter , Craft Boat
Relationship DC:16
Relationship Modifiers:
Friends and Cliques: Dark Blue
Position on Ship: Bosun mate
Battle Station:

Aarhus’s parents immigrated to Waterdeep right before his birth for a better life, only to find Waterdeep no better than Calimshan. Aarhus’s father was murdered by miscreants when he was just 5 years old. His mother used his fathers contacts to teach him his fathers trade: carpentry, boat building and bosun work. Even still, Aarhus started running with a bad crowd, committing minor thefts and gang related crimes. It was right before the Asasan pulled into port that Aarhus, following along with his gang crew, robbed and, to his surprise, killed a dock worker. Realizing he was becoming just like the people who killed his father, Aarhus decided to join a Ship and focus his life. When he laid eyes on the Asasan, Aarhus knew he would make his father proud.


Aarhus Cholitz

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