Aioro The Fair

An aloof Illuskan from Waterdeep that plays guitar and flute, and writes all his own music.


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Race: Illuskan Human
From: Waterdeep
Hired: Neverwinter
Speaks: Chondathan, Illuskan, Elvin, Shaaran
Class: Bard
Skill Set: Spellcasting, Profession Songwriting
Relationship DC: 21
Relationship Modifiers: -2 versus females, +2 versus non-human, -4 if Charisma is less than 16
Friends and Cliques: Black
Position on Ship: Morale
Battle Station: Captains Bard

Aioro, an excellent flutist and guitarist, started writing songs when he was 10. Over the next decade he played in almost all of Waterdeeps venues, but soon felt stifled by the expectations these places had on this childhood star. Wanting to be known for real songs of personally witnessed feats and conquests, Aioro waited at the docks for two months, eight to ten hours a day, looking for the perfect ship. He found it in the Asasan.

“Aioro the Fair! HA! That racist womanizing sack of rat dung can lick my arse whole! Aioro the Dick more like it. He don’t give no’un the time o’ day lest he be gettin som’thin. He does sing a sweet tune though. —-Odo


Aioro The Fair

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