Arnor The Laugher

A aptly named, charismatic Moon Elf that enjoys everything and loves to sing about it.


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Race: 1/2 Sun Elf 1/2 Illuskan Human
From: Moonshae Isles
Hired: Neverwinter
Speaks: Illuskan, Elvin, Goblin, Chondathan
Class: Bard
Skill Set: Navigation, Knowledge Local Coastal Geography , Spellcasting
Relationship DC: 16
Relationship Modifiers:
Friends and Cliques: Light Green , Silver
Position on Ship: Navigator
Battle Station:

Arnor has traveled on many vessels, especially around the Mooshaes, taking jobs one voyage at a time. Then this huge PURPLE ship appeared in Neverwinter, causing Arnor to laugh from his very soul. He vowed to himself that day to go wherever the purple ship went, defending her purpleness from all chromatic assailants.


Arnor The Laugher

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