Biddy Bakebread


Race Damaran
From: Damara
Speaks: Damaren, Chondathan, Giant, Orcish
Class: Spellcaster, Herbalist, Alchemist
Skill Set: Spells, Addictive Substances, Herbalist for Evil
Relationship DC: 20
Relationship Modifiers: +15 to Asasan crew
Affiliations: Unknown Wizard
Business: Pirate; addicts crew, kills or enslaves crew, then steals and sells Ships

The Asasan picked up Biddy in Westgate , needing another cook for the large crew. Biddy quickly addicted the crew to her refined Azure Cakes, a very tasty blue marbled muffin producing euphoric energy in its imbibers, that turns into a debilitating exhaustion upon overdose that causes a comatose like sleep for almost a day. Unknowingly already thwarted in her plan by Beebe Boxbuilder , and , Biddy had tried to enter the Captains Quarters through the Asasans Mirror system, only to become trapped in the undead rowers bilge for several months before her husband’s constucts saved her.


Biddy Bakebread

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