Glintock Seabreeze


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*The bastard son of a middling merchant, Glintock Seabreeze left his home of Freeport at the age of 11 with nothing to his name but an old beaten greatsword. He found work on a cog heading north, and spent his nights learning the stars from sailors. In Lyrabar, Glintock took to wandering, working when he could, stealing when he couldn’t. He struck out for the distant mountain peaks at 13, and the lanky youth spent his adolescence with a guide who led travelers with more money than experience through the Earthspur mountains. Not content with the purses of those who died, Glintock found that healing earned him as much silver and notably more gratitude. His education in the arts of a physician occurred primarily in the cabins and tents of grizzled rangers and wild priests.

After a decade in the mountains, Glintock was struck ill on a distant peak. After his group abandoned him, his life was saved by a wandering priest of Shaundakul. Seabreeze was on the edge of death for weeks, and the priest put aside all other duties and nursed him back to health. After his recovery, Glintock pledged himself as a follower of the Helping Hand, and to this day credits his survival to the Wind God’s interest. After several years at the temple, Glintock left to find work as a ship’s doctor, more concerned with the destination than the character of the crew.

Now in his late thirties, Glintock has returned home to his city of Freeport. The tall man with the salt and pepper beard and dull blue hooded cloak claims to be a healer, with some small talent controlling winds. He assures you that he is familiar with ships.


Glintock Seabreeze

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