Grandma Moog


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Race: 1/2 Moon Elf 1/2 Rashemi
From: Rashemeim
Hired: Waterdeep
Speaks: Rashemi, Aglarondan, Goblin, Draconic, Chondathan, Elvin
Class: Witch
Skill Set: Spellcasting , Profession Madam
Relationship DC: 15
Relationship Modifiers: +4 versus males, +10 versus Thayans
Friends and Cliques: Mother of Eris Thunderdrum , Intimate with Eris Thunderdrum and Hummingbird Iopan
Position on Ship: Madam
Battle Station:

Our chances for taking back the Asasan were bleak and getting more so by the second. That’s when Moog appeared laying the drow low with her fire. All praise Grandma Moog and her ladies of the evening.-Mintox of the Asasan

Grandma Moog

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