Krull Papio

Hadozee Pirate


Race: Hadozee
From:, Neverwinter
Speaks: Illuskin Halfling Chondathan
Class: Rogue
Skill Set: Stealth, Craft Alchemy
Friends and Cliques:
Position on Ship: Captain’s Mate
Battle Station: Boarding Crew


Nothing comes before the Asasan. I would spill my blood for Her to float upon if she was in need. She is my Mother, my Home, my Goddess. Beware to those that intend Her harm for I, Krull, ride the winds around her sails. My blade is quick and mercy absent.

I remember this one nasty fellow,always tossin’ tiny snakes about, poor things, durin’ a fight. Well, he was given Krull some sass while the rest of us fought for our very lives! And on his first month, no less, so as not yet a part of us! We all knew from Krull’s eyes, he was not makin’ it back to the ship. As soon as the fighten died down, Krull asked em to hold a barrel we was cartin’, and then, staring em straight in the eye, put a sword in his chest. The look in his eyes was almost…. gleeful. —Grenkal Songbird of the Asasan

Krull Papio

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