The first 'Captain' of the Asasan, this one-quarter drow female sold the Asasan and her crew into drow slavery.


From: Freeport
Speaks: Chondathan, Elven, Draconic, Illuskan
Class: Spellcaster
Skill Set: Necromancy, Business Owner, Wealthy
Relationship DC: 22
Relationship Modifiers: +12 to Asasan crew
Affiliations: Drow, Freeport, The Syndicate
Business: Owns Mattilda’s Exotic Creations in Freeport’s Merchant District
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When the players first met Matty, she was the Master Spellcaster of the Asasan when it pulled into Neverwinter in a spectacular display of magic. It was almost a year later the crew realized Matty was also Captain Black ( Asasan Captains Hat ). Under the guise of the Captain, Matty tricked the crew into letting her stow all their magic items and then fed them all a powerful Drow sleep poison, selling them and the Asasan to a Drow House.
Most the crew escaped by stealing back the Asasan, and found that Matty has started a magic item shop in the Merchants District of Freeport.



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