Captain of the Asasan, ElanTelepath


Race: Elan
From: Calimport
Hired: Freeport
Class: Psion
Skill Set: Craft Dorjes, Geography
Relationship DC:
Relationship Modifiers:
Friends and Cliques: Su, Bebe
Position on Ship: Captain
Battle Station: At the Wheel

I used to be known as Richard Bender. That’s when I was human. Halfway through that life my body and possibly my soul were traded for great power. I came across a secret psionic guild known as The Lodge Luminus. They are a powerful guild based in Calimport made up of elans. Elans are a race of psionic clones with prolonged life. They offered me the lifespan of an elf and the ability to change the world around me with the power of my mind. All that was required was service to The Lodge, one month out of every year for a century. In that time my talents were used for spying on royalty and gathering tactics from various feuding companies. My final assignment was to infiltrate a pirate ship known as the Asasan. The Lodge wanted information on Jarek Black, her captain. The Asasan is truly an amazing ship, with a very interesting crew. There are a few among them I can call friend. It has been a long time since that word, friend, has changed the course of my actions. As it turns out Jarek Black was a lie. During a ship battle I spied the first mate Matty putting the Captain’s hat on and turning into Jarek. She has been him the whole time.


The Asasan, TradeShip of a Thousand Seas LJ33