Odo the Weasel

A literaly fiery Gnomish Alchemist and the voice of the little folk as member of the Asasans Council, Odo is credited for many feats of daring during the Bhaluin Isle incident.


Race: Gnome
From: Western Heartlands
Hired: Neverwinter
Speaks: Gnomish, Chondathan, Draconic, Terran
Class: Alchemist, Asasan Council Member, Master Crafter
Skill Set: Alchemist- Offense, Stealth, Healing. Brew potion , Craft Alchemy , Craft Herbalism , Craft Poison Offensive, Non-Magical Surgeon and healing.
Relationship DC: 16
Relationship Modifiers: -2 to small size races
Friends and Cliques: Orange
Position on Ship: Master Craftsmen, Asasan Council member
Battle Station:
Special: When in charge of craftsmen, Odo gives +5 Luck bonus on Craft checks to all his craftsmen.


Odo joined the Asasan in Neverwinter when he heard She was looking for craftsmen, very impressed by its size and build as it appeared suddenly under the Dolphin’s Arch. It seemed a perfect match for his alchemical training and plans for research.

“She were beaut’ful, with that dark purple sheen to the wood as well as purple and silver sails, and when I he’rd She was hiring alchemists and herbalist, well there were no doubt in me mind where i should be. I just wish I knew I were to be poisoned twice, robbed twice, and sold into drow slavery. I don’t know though, it might’n be worth it…”
—Odo the Weasel

“T’was bombs a flyin’ threw da airs that saved our hides n’ dat Fort. Help’d hold dem’*all* back he did!” — Myb

Odo the Weasel

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