Books in my campaign

Books can be a great influence in how we approach things. Their knowledge teaches us, their imagination can inspire or terrify us, or lead us down false paths. Here i have a system to roll up random book types and use their knowledege in game, if the book has any value at all. Some books can replicate spells, in the form of intricate rituals, others can give a temparary bonus or teach a skill, feat. prestige class, or even lead to lost treasures.


Faerun has many written languages, each having inflections of thier origins. Ancient text of dead languages can be hard to decipher. The base DC is 20 for the simplest text, 25 for
standard texts, and 30 or higher for intricate, exotic, or
very old writing, if you know the base language.

Roll Percentile

1-50 Regional language (common written language of the area)
51-58 Dethik (Dwarven runic script)
59-67 Thorass (Human created alphabet of Common)
68-76 Espruar (Moon Elf alphabet adopted by all elves)
77-85 Draconic (Script of Dragon decent)
86-90 Celestial (Planar decent)
91-94 Infernal(Fiendish alphabet)
95 Ancient Thorass (Old Common)
96 Ancient Draconic (Old High Wyrm, Netherese noble tongue, precursor of Halruaan)
97 Ancient Imaskar (precursor of Tuigan)
98 Ancient Hamarfae (Elvin High Magic)
99 Ancient Dethik (Archaic dwarvin or Archaic Orcish)
100 Unknown Language. Need magical help to decipher.


Books can be a great way to introduce plot elements, specific or DM created feats, prestige classes, spells or abilities.

Roll Percentile

1-69 Novel, Fiction, or Fluff
70-80 Knowledge Skill (Gives Skill Bonus and/or Teaches Skill)
81-90 Other Skill (Gives Bonus and/or Teaches Skill)
90-95 Feat (Teaches a feat)
96-98 Prestige Class (Teaches the levels of a Prestige Class)
99 Spells (Teaches one or more spells, extracts, manifestation, or such)
100 Ritual (Teaches one or more rituals)

Book Material

Books can come in a variety of shapes and materials that would fit their origins. Dwarves don’t like to write something twice, so using stone tablets or stone walls could be the case. A collection of scrolls, wooden tablets, or ornate flat sticks could be a cultures way to store information, with bound tomes only centered around certain areas.


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