Flaws are like the flip side of feats. Whereas a feat enables a
character to be better than normal at performing a task (or even
to do something that normal characters can’t), a flaw restricts a
character’s capabilities or imposes a penalty of some sort.
A player may select up to two flaws when creating a character.
After 1st level, a character cannot take on additional flaws unless
the DM specifically allows it (for examples of times when doing
this might be appropriate, see Character Traits, above). Each flaw
a player selects entitles his character to a bonus feat. In other
words, when you create a character, if you select two flaws, you
can also take two bonus feats beyond those your character would
be normally entitled to.
Flaws are entirely negative in their impact on a character’s capabilities.


Each of the flaws described here has a specific game effect.
Some flaws can only be taken by a character who meets a special

You are unathletic and uncoordinated.
Effect: You take a –2 penalty on Strength-, Dexterity-, and
Constitution-based ability checks and skill checks.

You are thin and weak of frame.
Effect: Subtract 1 from the number of hit points you gain at
each level. This fl aw can reduce the number of hit points you
gain to 0 (but not below).
Special: You must have a Constitution of 4 or higher to take
this flaw.
You have a learning disability and cannot learn to read or write.
Effect: -3 to all Knowledge checks and Linguistics can only be used
with spoken word.
You are particularly unaware of your surroundings.
Effect: You take a –4 penalty on Perception checks.
Meager Fortitude
You are sickly and weak of stomach.
Effect: You take a –3 penalty on Fortitude saves.
Your vision is obscured.
Effect: In combat, every time you attack an opponent that
has concealment, roll your miss chance twice. If either or both
results indicate that you miss, your attack fails.
You are relatively inept at melee combat.
Effect: You take a –2 penalty on all melee attack rolls.
You are weaker in an attribute than you should be.
Effect: Reduce one of your ability scores by 2.
Special: You cannot take this flaw if the total of your ability
modifiers is 8 or higher.
Poor Reflexes
You often zig when you should have zagged.
Effect: You take a –3 penalty on Reflex saves.
You are relatively poor at ranged combat.
Effect: You take a –2 penalty on all ranged attack rolls.
You move exceptionally slowly.
Effect: Your base land speed is halved (round down to the
nearest 5-foot interval).
Special: You must have a base land speed of at least 20 feet to
take this flaw.
You are slow to react to danger.
Effect: You take a –6 penalty on initiative checks.
You are not good at defending yourself.
Effect: You take a –1 penalty to Armor Class.
Weak Will
You are highly suggestible and easily duped.
Effect: You take a –3 penalty on Will saves.


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