Relationship Checks

Relationship Rules:

Targets Dc= 15 +(or-) targets charisma modifier

Total DC’s

for Okay: 5 + targets dc +(or-) your modifiers
for Hospitable: 10 + targets dc +(or-) your modifiers
for Friendly: 15 + targets dc +(or-) your modifiers
for Loyal: 20 + targets dc +(or-) your modifiers
for Devoted: 30 + targets dc +(or-) your modifiers


0-Murderous: will kill you if given the chance
1-Hostile: starts physical fights,physicaly abusive, actively ostracizes you
2-Abusive: mentally abusive, passively ostracizes you
3-Unfriendly: dislikes you, avoids you
4-Annoyed: impatient with you, you aggravate this person
5-Indifferent: no bias
6-Okay: enjoys your company
7-Hospitable: invites you to happenings
8-Friendly: considers you an ally
9-Loyal: feels you are a trusted friend and ally, might avenge you
10-Devoted: would definately avenge your death or honor

Negative modifiers:

Each failed attempt to
reach the targets dc results in automatically
dropping one relationship level.

-2 one of you, but not the other, is a spellcaster
-2 different races
-2 can only communicate in common
-2 you have humiliated this person in mage hand slapfighting
-2 Annoyed with you
-4 Unfriendly with you
-4 you are the best at mage hand slapfighting
-4 you are friends with his enemies
-6 Abusive toward you
-6 you are enemies with his allies
-10 Hostile toward you
-20 Murderous toward you

Circumstantial Negatives

-1 to -20 you put this person in mortal danger
-1 to -10 you put an ally in mortal danger
-1 to -10 you stole from this person
-1 to -5 social faux pas

Positive Modifiers

1 same profession
+1 per relationship check you give up to study a person
2 if using magical aid)
+1.5 per ally you are friends with (round up)
+2 you have the same homeland
+2 you speak this persons first language
+2 you are of the same race
+2 Okay with you
+2 reveal interesting secret
+3 use position to give aid
+4 Hospitable towards you
+4 reveal important secret
+4 enemies with this persons enemies
+5 give lengthy or considerable aid
+6 Friendly toward you
+8 reveal momentous secret
+10 Loyal with you
+10 give dangerous (to you) aid
+15 Devoted to you
+15 give punishable aid

Circumstancial Positive Modifiers

+1 to +10 give a present with successful diplomact check DC15
+1 to +10 save from mortal danger

Relationship Checks

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