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“The Sea Lord clipped the Guard’s balls and gave them to her pap. What he intends to do with them, who can say?” —Anonymous

The Sea Lord’s Guard has been around for nearly two centuries. Originally, this colorful group was little more than a band of brutes that enforced the Sea Lord’s will, but they gradually evolved into something of a police force. Based at the Fortress of Justice, patrols would walk the city (or most of it), ensuring some modicum of law and order prevailed. The days of the Guard as enforcer have ended with the current Sea Lord. Militarized and placed under the command of her father, Marshal Maeorgan, they have given over the duties of keeping the peace to the newly created Freeport Watch.

With the last commissioner’s death, the question about what to do with the Sea Lord’s Guard was a pressing concern of the Captains’ Council. Some members favored the almost fanatical approach of the later Commissioner Williams (see The Freeport Watch), while others had no interest in returning to the vigilance of the recent Sea Lord’s Guard. It all came down to the Sea Lord—who was nominally in charge of the organization—and given her many unsavory connections in the city, it was abundantly clear that the Williams’ approach would not survive. The problem, however, was in finding a home for those Guards still loyal to Xander’s memory.

Her answer was to divide the force into two groups. Those men who were loyal to the late commissioner came under the command of Marshal Maeorgan. As a military outfit, they were constrained to the Old City and the training grounds and no longer had any contact with the underworld, and therefore couldn’t threaten Marilise’s illicit interests. The Sea Lord closed all current investigations and strongly encouraged the new soldiers to use their enthusiasm to protect Freeport from its enemies abroad.

Marshal Maeorgan does not have much in the way of military experience, but he’s intelligent and knows how to exploit the expertise of others. He brought in trainers from the Continent to transform the Sea Lord’s Guard from a police organization into a true military force. The best of them are detailed to protect the Sea Lord, and that is the one aspect of the Guard’s operation Marshal oversees personally. He would not trust his daughter’s life to anyone else.

The Sea Lord’s Guard has a rigid ranking system. At the head is Commander Marshal Maeorgan. With the hard work of training the men complete, he focuses more on his civic duties, leaving day to-day operations to his capable second, Captain Emery Shent. Five lieutenants answer to Captain Shent, and each in turn commands three sergeants. Each sergeant oversees a company of ten men, for a total of 150 guardsmen in all.

The Sea Lord’s cunning move contained the Sea Lord’s Guard to the Old City and got their noses out of Scurvytown, Drac’s End, and the Docks. The soldiers drill, train, and live in the Fortress of Justice, though they occasionally make appearances whenever there’s need for a bit of pomp and ceremony. Rarely, they may also be used as marines in Freeport’s fleet.

Those seeking a place in the Sea Lord’s Guard need to be able to take orders, be physically fit, and have a good head on their shoulders. Green recruits undergo a tough training course that lasts four weeks, in which they learn the fundamentals of large-scale combat, weapon use, and group fighting. Afterwards, they are assigned to a company and squad and spend the rest of their time with their mates, honing their skills for the inevitable day when Freeport needs them.

There are five ranks in the Sea Lord’s Guard—guardsman, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and commander. Captain Shent is strict about promotions, for he knows that unwarranted advancement breeds resentment and reduces morale. The guardsmen don’t get much pay for their service, but they receive free food, lodging, and uniforms. More money and more time off come with the higher ranks, so guardsmen work hard to climb to the top.

All members of the Sea Lord’s Guard are men and almost all humans. Occasionally, a dwarf or half orc can be found in the service but never an elf, eladrin, halfling, or gnome. These races are not recruited or welcome to join. The Sea Lord’s Guard is the last conspicuously human and the most male organization in Freeport.

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Sea Lords Guard

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