This is a mainly Pathfinder 3.5 campaign using Faerun as the world and placing Freeport as the main trading stop of the Pirate Isles.
The story revolves around the crew of the powerful Asasan, a heavily gunned trade ship that has the ability to Portal from sea to sea. Captained by a leathery and elusive man, Jarek Black, The Asasan and crew call Freeport home, but spend most of their time on other seas and shores.

Each player runs 3 characters of different alignments, classes, and races, which cannot be repeated if a character dies. Only one Psionic class per character for the entire campaign. Crafts, knowledge, profession and creation skills and feats play a large roll in the building aspect of this game, as does relationships with the 60+ officers of this 250 crew ship. The cost of running such a large ship and crew is extensive, putting resource building as the priority in activities.

One set of PC crew members along with a dozen or two regular crewmen will always be stationed at Freeport. Besides being involved with Freeports political intrigues, this island base of operations is a Pirate Isles trade hub that supports a large naval fleet as well as its Privateer Fleet that the Asasan is part of.

The Asasan, TradeShip of a Thousand Seas

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